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How It All Started

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Rabun County’s known for its natural beauty—you know, the rolling hills, towering forests, and rushing rivers that just take breaths away. It’s an incredible place to get outdoors and explore, where you fancy yourself a hiker, fisherman, or just someone who appreciates a good view.

But the people here are something else. They’re friendly, welcoming, and got a real sense of community you just won’t find anywhere else. It’s a place where you can strike up a conversation with a stranger and end up feeling like you’ve known them your whole life. It’s that special magic that moved us to create the Bridge Creek Inn.

Our Story

Welcome to Bridge Creek Inn, a modern boutique hotel housed within a historic gem on Main Street in Clayton, Georgia. Our mission is to provide visitors to Rabun County with an unparalleled modern experience that seamlessly blends contemporary comforts with the charm of the past.

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Our Mission

At Bridge Creek Inn, our mission is to provide modern adventurers with an exceptional boutique hotel experience in historic Clayton, Georgia. We are dedicated to offering a sanctuary where guests can immerse themselves in the perfect balance of contemporary comforts and timeless elegance. Serving as a base camp for exploration, we strive to be the premier destination for those seeking an unforgettable getaway amidst the natural beauty of Rabun County.

With personalized service, exquisite amenities, and a commitment to preserving the region's rich heritage, our aim is to create an inviting haven where every adventurer can embark on a remarkable journey, make lasting memories, and feel at home in the heart of Clayton.

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